ATARN Consultants

Some of our Members who have experience in particular fields of Asian traditional archery have volunteered to answer your questions. The email addresses below are not their real addresses: when you send email to them, the mail will be forwarded by ATARN. These email addresses can't be used as ordinary, INTERNET email addresses. If you would like to be an ATARN consultant, please let me know.

Subject Write to About
Chinese Archery Stephen Selby

History, techniques, equipment of the Han nationality and national minorities in China

Composite Bows Adam Karpowicz

Construction of composite bows

Asian bow design/construction Jaap Koppedreyer

 Asian bow design

Korean Archery Tom Duvernay

Koran bows, Korean archery technique, buying Asian bows.

Classical West Asian Miichael Bittl

Scythian Bows, Greek Bows, Sumerian Bows, hornbow tuning and  repairing.


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