Qi Ji Guang's
Archery Method (Ming)
Wu Bei Yao Lue (Ming)
Zheng Nan She Fa (Ming/Qing)
Guan Shi Xin Zhuan (Qing)
She Lue (Qing)
of an Old
Chinese Bow

Making Chinese Arrows
Letter from Peking
Beijing Wanbao
Perfecting the Mind and Body
Makiwara Madness
Whistling arrows
The History of Ju Yuan Hao
The Crossbows of South-West China
Repeating Crossbows
Repeating Crossbows (2)  
Interview with Wu Yonghua

Chengdu Bowyer
Thingies Up-close and personal
Interesting Bow

Quivers and holsters
Shandong Crossbow Mechanism
Horseback archery
Early Archers' Rings
Yanghai Bows
Scythian Bows
The Bows and Arrows of Miran