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Archery Traditions of Asia 

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Title: Archery Traditions of Asia 
(Bilngual edition: Chinese/English)
Author: Stephen Selby
Publisher: Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence
ISBN/Code: 9627039470
Market Rights: Worldwide
Year of Publication: 2003
Pages: 80 pp
Size : 300x232 mm
Cover: Paperback
Weight : 0.492kg

Over the centuries, bow and arrow formed a central element in Chinese military affairs, education, hunting, sport and the imperial examination system. Some legends and ancient archaeological finds have revealed that archery had great importance in the cultural life of ancient China.

This book is a catalogue of "Archery Traditions of Asia" at the Hong Kong Museum of Coastal Defence, giving in-depth information about Asia's archery traditions and culture. With colour diagrams and text descriptions, the book introduces the history of traditional Chinese archery and living traditional archery in other Asian cultures, types and the construction of traditional bows and arrows. Other archery equipment is also mentioned in the book.

Stephen Selby has spent years studying traditional Chinese archery and collecting archery-related artifacts. In 2000, he published Chinese Archery, the first comprehensive historical survey of Chinese archery to be written since the Ming dynasty. Today, he continues to work to re-establish a respect among Asian people for their archery heritage.




'Archery Traditions of Asia' is available directly from the Hong Kong University Press website by email. Please do not contact ATARN to order  the book.

If you order the book directly from the publisher, you will be eligible for a 10 per cent discount off the bookshop price of US$19.95. To place your order, go to the Hong Kong University Press website.

Updated 21 December, 2003