Islamic and
Middle Eastern Archery Traditions

Excerpt from TRAVELS INTO TURKEY by OGIER GHISELIN DE BUSBECK (b. 1522, d. Oct. 28, 1592), Flemish diplomat who, as ambassador on behalf of Ferdinand I of Austria, was sent to to Constantinople where he wrote a number of letters, while under house arrest, giving a detailed account of Turkish life and manners in the 1500s. (This item is not protected by copyright.)

Exerpt from AN ESSAY on ARCHERY by Michael Moseley (1792) containing an account of military Archery training  in Persia by Jean Chardin (1643 - 1713) who travelled to Isfahan end recorded the journey he undertook between 1671 and 1677 in a book, "Journal du voyage du chevalier Chardin" published  in 1711.)  (This item is not protected by copyright.)

TWO TURKISH BOWS by Adam Karpowicz. A description with illustration of two modern reproductions of Turkish infantry bows made by Adam Karpowicz.

TURKISH BOW TESTS by Adam Karpowicz. Report on a series of chronometer tests on Turkish horn bows.

Performance of Turkish Bows by Adam Karpowicz.  (Turkey)

Quiver and Bow Case Patterns by Cherrie Anne Button (Mamluk), (Tawashi), (Turkoman).